our philosophy.

Arriving, relaxing, having a good time – whether with friends, family or the team. The freistil. stands for modern Alpine coziness, a professional, relaxed service and a sustainable hotel and restaurant concept.


Friendly interaction is very important to us – whether with our guests, business partners or in a team. Quality and professionalism are fundamental to us, we stand out by our friendly atmosphere of the house. In freistil., you will find an open-minded, friendly team that skillfully combines professional work with
professional-relaxed service.


We are just as enthusiastic about the aromatic cheese from the neighboring dairy as we are about the handmade dishes in our restaurant or the chic real wood floor in the hotel rooms. We love good products and high-quality, durable materials. We therefore select our predominantly regional suppliers carefully and know many of them personally.


Behind the freistil. are diverse talents that we bring together as a team in the best possible way. Many of us were involved in modernizing our hotel. That’s how unique room concepts were created. You will find a lot of unique furniture because we designed it ourselves and handmade it with the support of experts – such as the tables & benches in the restaurant, our extravagant wall coverings made of white fir & wooden shingles or the wooden-steel beds in the hotel rooms.


We’re thinking about how we can run our business as sustainably as possible. We are aware that this is an ambitious goal, but we are pleased about every step we have taken until this day. We source our food mainly from regional suppliers. We try to avoid garbage, such as packaged breakfast products or cosmetic products in disposable sizes. We produce heat and electricity for our house via solar power and our in-house combined heat and power plant.

For us, responsible entrepreneurship also means to shape the hotel and gastronomy industry into a healthy working environment. An open and appreciative approach to the team, reliable working hours and fair pay are important to us. Tips go into a common fund and benefit everyone in our team.


Constantin Kiehne

In 2013, Constantin Kiehne made the “Oberallgäu” his adopted home and took over the gastronomic and restaurant management in his parents hotel business – called Alpenhotel Dora back then. In spring 2017, he opened his à la carte restaurant freistil., thus expanding the culinary offer at the Alpenhotel Dora.

In close and trusting cooperation with his parents – Bärbel & Michael Kiehne – the Alpenhotel Dora was gradually modernized and invested in the future. In September 2020, Michael died unexpectedly, so Constantin decided to take over the management of the hotel in January 2021. In doing so, the hotel and restaurant operations were merged under the name freistil.

Constantin Kiehne started his professional career at the hotel vocational school of the Steigenberger Akademie in Bad Reichenhall. At the Intercontinental Berchtesgaden Resort (now Kempinski), he completed a professional training as a hotel manager.
The native Westphalian completed his training as a chef under 2-star chef Johannes King and the then head chef Andreas Sondej. By joining his parents’ business, Constantin has continuously prepared himself for the takeover and management of the company.

suppliers & partners.

We love good products, appreciate craftsmanship, and value long-term relationships. That’s why we work with selected suppliers and partners, who we all know personally and are proud to recommend.


The history of our house begins in 1954. The Kern/Conhoff family found the small guest house Dora on the Schweineberg in Ofterschwang and developed it further into the Alpenhotel Dora over time. When they took over the hotel in 2009, my parents fulfilled a childhood dream and moved their center of life from the Westphalian Iserlohn to Oberallgäu. A few years later, I joined the company. In close and trusting cooperation, we have gradually modernized the “Dora”. I was also always able to count on my parents support in “my” heart project – the opening of the à la carte restaurant in spring 2017. With the sudden death of my father in September 2020, I also took over the management of the hotel – unexpectedly and earlier than planned. It has been a big step for me for which i have lots of respect and confidence too.

Confidence above all because I was able to learn a lot from my father over the years and because I know that we have a great team, very good friends, a strong family and the good Lord.

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